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Friday, May 25


Part of Village Life

Thornhill House is a well-established part of village life and has become a valued part of the community.  Since the idea was first mooted, at an open meeting in 1987, the village has supported the Home in many different ways.  However, being part of the village is a two-way process, and just as the village has supported the Home, so it has provided a service to the local community.

Thornhill House has given us hope.  Hope that when we cannot look after ourselves, and need extra care, we have a chance to obtain it in the village where we have lived, close to our family and friends, and in an atmosphere of loving and professional care.  It would be difficult to find a similar establishment with a comparable record of quality of care. 

But there is more to it than that.  The Home provides opportunities for employment for a variety of people, ranging from the vital roles of cook, cleaner, carer, and nursing staff.  There are also many ways that people get involved as volunteers.   For example they help in the kitchen, or do various administrative tasks, serve as Trustees or as members of the House Committee, give talks or bring music into the Home. Thornhill House provides a meals-on-wheels service of immense quality to anyone in the locality. This relies on volunteers who deliver the lunches to those who need them in their own homes. Finally, there are many people who contribute to coffee mornings, the annual plant sale, garden parties, and other fund-raising activities that somehow also become social events in their own right. 

The Home needs support, and it needs money, but on the other hand the Home provides jobs, social events, and many wonderful and varied opportunities for people to be of service to others.

Parish Boundaries

One of the most important objectives of the Home is that it should primarily be of service to the people who live in the local area.   This comprises the Parish of Longstone (Hassop, Rowland, Great Longstone, Little Longstone, and Wardlow) and the civil parishes of Ashford-in-the-Water, Sheldon, and Brushfield.   Which is also the catchment area for School. 

A map showing the boundary of the catchment area is available at Thornhill House, Longstone Primary School, and Longstone Vicarage. It is also lodged with the Thornhill House solicitor, and is part of the Thornhill House Memorandum and Articles of Association.