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Friday, May 25




 Not for profit

Thornhill House is run by The John Thornhill Memorial Trust.  It is required by the Charities Commission to provide full and open accounts.  The Trust runs the home on a “not for profit” basis to provide the highest possible level of care.

The greatest cost to the home is staff wages. Thornhill House has a particularly high ratio of staff to residents, which enables the special level of care that we at Thornhill House believe is essential.


Please contact accounts manager Sophie Barker for a list of our current fees.

We are aware of the complexity of the funding of long term Residential and Nursing Care and have therefore accumulated some useful information and contacts allowing us to guide our residents and their families through the maze of funding both from government and charitable sources.

The expecation is that families will be responsible fiancially for their relatives in Thornhill House if the residents is unable to "self fund". In exceptional cases, and where the resident had forerly lived in the local area, the Benevolent Fund may be able to provide limited assistance after all other "charitable avenues" have been exhausted. We look to fund raising events, bequests and lifetim e gifts to maintain and build up the fund. Several residents have benefited from the fund.