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Friday, December 6


Preview of the Village Video Available for Download from Here

The first preview of the introduction to the village video is now available for viewing 'on-line'. This preview runs for just over 5 minutes. - (UPDATE -April Update available at bottom of page)

Two copies have been produced and the one that you use will depend on whether you have a broadband connection to the internet or the slower dial-up.

In order to allow the video to be viewed 'on-line' the information has been compressed and this has resulted in some loss of quality for the broadband version and considerable loss of quality for the dial-up version.

The copies that will be provided to local residents (on DVD or video) will be much better quality and will be suitable for playing on a television with a DVD or video player.

You will need to have Windows Media player installed on your computer. If you do not have this you can download a copy here.

Clicking on these links will download a copy of the file onto your computer. The Broadband Version is 11.1Mb in size. The Dial Up version is 1.62Mb. It may take a minute or two for the file to download before it starts playing.

The videos have a commentary so it will help if you have your computers sound/speakers switched on.

To watch the version for residents with Broadband internet access please click here.

To watch the version for residents with Dial-Up internet access please click here.

April 2006 Update

Broadband Version

Dial Up Version