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Longstone Village Video

Throughout 2005 the Longstone Local History Group made a video record of everyday life in and around the Greater Longstone area.  Edited highlights of the year were compliled onto 2 DVDs which were distributed to households throughout the parish, and volume two was completed in 2008.

A preview of the first 5 minutes of the video is now available to view in this web-site. Click here for more information.

In December 07 we added a preview of the July 2005 video.

Another update (April 2007) showing the workings of the Parish Council, in 2005, as they go about renovating the village tennis court - is available here

We filmed what we could of the everyday Events, Activities and Issues that affected our patch throughout 2005. DVDs of edited highlights of the first 6 months were distributed to every household in our area in April 2006, and the second part covering July to December was completed in June 2008. A fuller version will be archived by MACE (The Media Archive for Central England) so that in the future, people will have a moving image record of the pace and rhythms of local life at the start of the 21st century.

Diary of the Video 

In January 2005 we filmed many of the activities that take place in the village hall - and these range from a course on Antiques to Embroidery and Snooker - as well as the consequences of that month's winds and snow. Then there was tennis, keenly played throughout the year on the village's aging court, and even in a biting January wind, it generates just as much heat as on the Centre Court at Wimbledon. Then there were council and commitee meetings all which illustrate the workings of our local community. And this was just the beginning.

Our February collection of images includes items as diverse as a rock concert, muckspreading and scrub clearing on Longstone Edge.

At the beginning of March we heard that we'd been successful in our application to Awards For All for a grant to support the project.

This has enabled the group to buy its own camcorder kit which will be used by members to make short videos about local Issues and Activities that interest them. So, the archive will have a broad base, and, what's more be widely available because the grant will also support the cost of providing a copy of our Village Video for every household in the greater Longstone area.

Meanwhile, we've continued recording the local happenings, which in spring have included a concert in the church and a by-election in our local ward.

This was significant in that the count took place in our village hall - a first for Longstone as far as anyone can remember.

April's coverage started with a wedding at the Parish Church, and we've got video of the bride posing for photos in a gentle flurry of snow!

Next on the agenda was lambing on Longstone Moor, and as spring progressed we've been recording the changing colours of the season.

During the summer there were fetes, sports days, end of term concerts and Well Dressings to record, not to mention sheep shearing and sileage making.  With the help of members from the Cheadle & Gatley Cine and Video Club we provided multi camera coverage of the local fell race at the start of September. The weather was perfect - a little too warm for the runners, but just right for the spectators - and the race coincided with a hot air balloon rally at nearby Chatsworth Park, for which 4 people from the village had tickets.  By a stroke of luck, what little breeze there was brought the balloons in our direction, so we also have some aerial footage of the race!  (We showed an early copy of the race video at the following year's event and a compressed version of it can be seen on this site if you have broadband.)

There's been quarrying and mining on Longstone Edge since year dot, but that doesn't make it any the less controversial. One operation at Backdale is the subject of a planning appeal and we filmed the start of the Public Inquiry at Buxton which was promptly adjourned until 2007.

The first videoed reference to Christmas came in September when the Pre-School management committee met to plan their Yuletide activities.

In Great Longstone a coven of decidedly scarey Pink Witches roamed the village on Hallowe'en.  As well as tricking and treating, they were also collecting for charity and raised over £200 to fight breast cancer.

In December the Christmas nativity pageant was as popular as ever and hundreds of people followed Joseph and Mary (and their donkey) as they unsuccessfully searched for accomodation at the local inns before having to resort to the usual barn and manger. En route, traditional carols were sung at the Christmas tree. This torchlight event is challenging to do justice to on camera, but there is a glimpse of it in the second half of our Village Video 2005.

  In 2006 the seemingly endless task of editing the footage started and the first half of the edited highlights of the year was completed in April. A dvd (or vhs) reflecting everyday life during January to June was delivered to every household in the Under The Edge distribution area at the end of that month.

Part 2 covering July to December is the larger of the two halfs, weighing in at 135 mins duration. The LLHG has decided to provide a free copy for every local household (to supplement Part 1)  and disc 2 was delivered with UTE at the end of June 2008.

Additional copies are available to buy in Casey's, the village shop.

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