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Sunday, June 16


GLPC - What we spend and How we spend it.

1. Annual accounts.

Parish Council Financial statement 2017/18 
Parish Council Accounts 2017/18
- more detailed version
Parish Council Accounts 2017/18
Parish Council Accounts 2016/17
Parish Council Accounts 2015/16
Parish Council Accounts 2014/15
Parish Council Accounts 2013/14
Parish Council Accounts 2012/13
Parish Council Accounts 2011/12
Parish Council Annual Return 2010/11

Copies of the annual return can be obtained from the Clerk at a cost of £10 a copy.

2. List of Financial Standing Orders and Regulations.

Please see the Policies and Procedures pages.

3. List of Grants Given and Received.

There were no Grants Given or received in the year 2017/18.

4. Members Allowances and Expenses.

There were no Member allowances or expenses claimed in 2017/18.

Note regarding allowances: The only expenses that can be incurred by a councillor are mileage costs when they are required to travel to meetings etc. All decisions made which require action and possible expenditure must be carried by the Clerk. It is possible for the Chairman to be paid an expense allowance but there would have to be good reason and would need ratification by the DDDC Renumeration Panel.