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1. Allotments.

Great Longstone Parish Council has 15 allotments that are available for a nominal rent from any member of the parish at a small cost. The annual cost to rent is £10 per plot. If you wish to rent an allotment you should contact the Parish Clerk. If all allotments are allocated you will be placed on a waiting list

Click here for a copy of the Allotment rental agreement.

2. Village Hall.

The Village Hall is a valuable amenity for the Parish and is a registered charity. The Parish Council are custodian trustees of the Village Hall but the running and management of the hall is undertaken by the Village Hall Management committee. Details regarding the amenity, the committee members, the charity and the booking of the hall are found under the  Local Organisations section of this website.

Click here for details.

3. Village Greens.

The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of the Village Greens. There are six portions of land adjoining main street. In addition there is West Green, next to the allotments which was given to the village by the late Mrs Vera Green in 2003.

4.  Recreation Ground.

The Recreation ground includes the children's play area, the cricket field,  the football pitches and the tennis courts. The Parish council owns this land and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all these facilities.

Currently the Cricket Club do an excellent job of mowing  the rec for which they are contracted by the Parish Council; the monies being provided from the precepted budget.

Tennis Courts.
Whilst owned and maintained by the Parish Council, there has been substantial financial contribution from the Tennis Club in the past.

Childrens' Play Area.
There is an annual safety inspection of all equipment by a qualified third party. Currently this is performed by Wicksteeds. There is also a monthly check of equipment by one or more parish councillors. The outcome of this inspection is reported to and minuted at each Parish council meeting and any required maintenance actioned.
The last safety report of the recreation ground reported that the slide is coming to it's useful end and will soon need replacing. A review of replacement of , and provision of additional , equipment is in progress. Feedback has been gathered from last years Parish day and informally from users of the recreation ground over the past months. The next stage is to gather costings of potential replacement equipment and identifying grants available to cover the cost. Some local fund raising will be required.
5. Seating.

The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the benches on the recreation ground, Freemans yard, on the green next to Casey's and the green adjacent to the allotments.  The Parish council perform an annual maintenance inspection of all parish council owned land and property. A report is produced with a description of maintenance requirements and action. Some of this work is delegated to and undertaken by the Village Volunteer force saving money and effort for the council.

6. Litter bins.

The state of the Litter bins are checked as part of the Parish council Annual inspection however, the responsibility for maintenance and replacement is with Derbyshire District Council. The Parish Council will report any problems to DDC

7. Memorials.

The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of  the village war memorial as well as ensuring the wreaths are laid and maintained.

8. Other Facilities.

The Parish Council own various other pieces of land around the village. Here is a summary.

Name                   Location                                          Status

Outrake Field       West Side of Moor Lane                 Let to Tenant for grazing

Outrake Quarry    West Side of Moor Road                Let to various local building firms
                                                                                         for storage facilities.

Gild Low &           East Side of Moor Road                Let to Tenant for grazing
Gilder Quarry  

9. Lighting.

The Parish Council is responsible for liaising with Derbyshire District Council with regard to any problems with street lighting or any requirements for new/additional lighting.