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Wednesday, February 26


Great Longstone Parish Council

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Great Longstone Parish Council is now required to produce a publication scheme in order to make information available to any member of the public in an accessible format and as part of its normal business activities. The information covered is included in classes of information. Each of these classes relate to the page links below.

The Generic Model publication scheme was adopted by Great Longstone Parish Council and the details can be found here.

Who we are and what we do. (Clerk & council contact details and staff structure)  

What we spend and how we spend it. (Finalised budget, Precept, Financial Standing Orders, Grants given and received, current contracts, members allowances and expenses, Annual return and audit report)

How we make decisions. (Meeting timetables, agenda, minutes and reports presented.)

Our policies and procedures. (Procedural Standing orders, Delegated Authority, Code of Conduct, Complaints Procedure.)

Information requests. (Policy for handling Information requests)

Lists and registers (Assets Register, Register of Members interests, Register of Gifts and hospitality)

Services (Allotments, Village Hall, Village Greens, Recreation Ground, Seating, litter bins, memorials, lighting)

Recreation Ground and MUSA Project

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